Sistas Forever - Personalized Shaped Ornament - Christmas Gift For Sisters, Bestie, Friends

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Ornament comes with your choice of funny designs that will add an adorable touch to your Car , Home and Christmas décor.  Perfect for Christmas tree decorations or gift-giving on social occasions such as birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day.

  • The product is made from Acrylic & Aluminum
  • The printed design is clear to ensure no color is faded.
  • The product is printed on 1 side.
  • All the molds will be put into 90x90mm plastic
  • A hole and twinkle thread attached to strap.

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Susan M.


It is well made with beautiful colors. U can't wait to put on the tree this year.

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Roxanne N.

Received the ornament today and was so impressed!!! It’s always a gamble when you order from somewhere unknown. I took the chance and am so happy I did ! Thank you!!❤️❤️

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See what people are saying!